Lonneke Kruisbergen

Shaping Sound For Film

I am an Amsterdam-based composer and sound designer for commercials, short films and animations. I work for creative agencies, production studios and film directors. I believe that music is the communicating link between the screen and the audience. Curious to find out more about my vision and background?

When I’m asked for commissioned work, I’m always excited to find and hit the right note. I like to share my expertise and work together to find a tone of voice that matches the visuals. With my background in both music and film, my aim is not just to write a nice piece of music- it’s to make it all come together.


Lonneke was perfect!
She is professional, fast and a pleasure to work with.
When I need a composer, Lonneke is the first one I call.

Rolf Beens, VideoBird


Lonneke composed the music for a videoclip for I amsterdam and did a great job! Besides her talent for composing and playing the piano, she also has a great singing voice.
If we ever need a composer again, we will definitely ask her!

Danielle Meester, I amsterdam

Music plays a vital role in how we perceive a movie. To show how music can influence your emotions, I made six different compositions for one single piece of film. Want to experience what music can do?

I get inspired by following the latest developments in the field of music and film. These are some of my favorite findings.

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