Lonneke Kruisbergen

Shaping Sound For Film

I am an Amsterdam-based composer and sound designer for commercials, short films and animations. I work for creative agencies, production studios and film directors. I believe that music is the communicating link between the screen and the audience. Curious to find out more about my vision and background?

Music plays a vital role in how we perceive a movie. To show how music can influence your emotions, I made six different compositions for one single piece of film. Want to experience what music can do?

Shaping the right sound and music for your film is a process that requires quite a few steps. I can help you with all of them. Let me walk you through the different stages.


The music I compose is tailor-made and unique. I’ll make sure the music fits the movie like a glove.


I’m a multi-instrumentalist and I love to assemble the sound of various instruments into my compositions.


I have my own recording studio with lots of (acoustic) instruments, recording equipment, samples and plugins.


Once the composition is well balanced, I’ll mix it all together to get the right sound for the movie.


I’ll take care of the final mix – including set-noise and/or voice-over, if needed – or I’ll pass it on to a mastering engineer.


In need of sound design for your film or animation? I’m more than happy to help you out.

When I’m asked for commissioned work, I’m always excited to find and hit the right note. I like to share my expertise and work together to find a tone of voice that matches the visuals. With my background in both music and film, my aim is not just to write a nice piece of music- it’s to make it all come together.

I get inspired by following the latest developments in the field of music and film. These are some of my favorite findings.

The Red Turtle
Not one word is spoken during “The Red Turtle”, an animated movie by Michael Dudok. It’s a fascinating piece of cinema that shows the cycle of life in a way that really
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I saw Carol in the cinema. When I’d seen the movie I had a strong melancholic feeling which I still had the day after. Melancholic in a nice way. The movie draws you
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Marble Machine
What a wonderful machine. Incredible how Swedish musician Martin Molin made a handmade music box that powers a kick drum, bass, and vibraphone using a hand crank and 2,000 marbles. This composition
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