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As a four year-old, I wanted to be a drummer. Until I discovered the piano and the guitar, and was set on finding a way to combine the different sounds. When my parents gave me a dual cassette deck, my journey as a composer began. Even then, I spend days alone in my room, recording layers of sounds until the compositions where exactly to my liking. Influenced by my filmmaker father, I studied both film and music. I decided to pursue music, but my experience with and love for film still greatly influence my work as a composer.

Sound plays a vital role in how we perceive a movie. Most of what we feel while watching a movie is influenced by the sound that accompanies what happens on the screen. Both music and sound design can therefore have a profound effect on the way we experience a movie. The auditory components of a film function as the bridge between the emotions on screen and our own inner world. In essence, sound is the communicating link between the screen and the audience. That makes it a very powerful tool, so it’s worth knowing how to use it.

I take pride in my craft and bring a healthy dose of enthusiasm and dedication to each project. I enjoy documentaries and movies in which the love and care that went into their production is evident in every aspect of the latter. I believe this kind of production is only possible when the team behind it communicates well, works in close collaboration and loves to explore boundaries to achieve the very best. As a composer, I put a lot of effort into creating music and sound that is tailored exactly to the purpose and style of the production, and which complements and enhances the visuals.