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I make sound that’s designed to communicate. Whether it’s with my music compositions or through my sound designs, I always try to enhance the message and emphasize the story being told. Original music can elevate the production quality of a project to a much higher level. I would love to help you with that.

A carefully composed piece of music can have a huge impact on the way your audience experiences your film or animation. Just in case you’re still doubting whether or not to choose for composed music, here’s three good reasons to go for it.

When creating a video or animation with a clear buildup of tensions and smooth transitions of feelings from different perspectives, you want the music to guide you through these emotions. With composed music, you have the ability to tailor sounds to the very second, creating perfect transitions for different musical themes and scenes- something that’s much harder to do with generic stock music.

Choosing the right piece of music for a video or animation is an art form. I frequently come across videos online where the music has little or nothing to do with what’s being shown. The sound and visuals just don’t match up. Just because a song or a tune sounds good doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for your video. As a composer, I can help you pick the right sound and explain what works and what doesn’t.

Licensing music is an important aspect of corporate work. Production companies looking to cut corners have placed their corporate clients in danger of legal exposure by using unlicensed music. With composed music, you can be sure to stay out of trouble. Together we’ll set up the terms of use and a licensing agreement, so you’ll always know exactly when and how you can use the music.

I can help you with the entire music production of your video. From composing to sound design and from recording and playing different instruments to the audio post-production. Curious to find out more? Take a look at my services.


 The music I compose is tailor-made and unique. I’ll make sure the music fits the movie like a glove.


I’m a multi-instrumentalist and I love to assemble the sound of various instruments into my compositions.


I have my own recording studio with lots of (acoustic) instruments, recording equipment, samples and plugins.


Once the composition is well balanced, I’ll mix it all together to get the right sound for the movie.


I’ll take care of the final mix – including set-noise and/or voice-over, if needed – or I’ll pass it on to a mastering engineer.


In need of sound design for your film or animation? I’m more than happy to help you out.